Window Tinting Packages - Car Truck SUV

XPEL PRIME Automotive Window Film is developed with the highest quality standards and is backed by XPEL's extensive warranties.

KEEP YOUR CAR IN ITS PRIME - The sun doesn't have any mercy.
Left unprotected, the interior surfaces of your car—the dashboard, leather, fabrics and plastics—can deteriorate and discolor from relentless exposure to the sun's heat and UV rays. And anyone who drives in the heat of the summer knows how unpleasant—or even impossible—it can be to get inside a car that has been sitting in the sun. It's like sitting down inside an oven.
XPEL's line of window film offers the same level of protection for the inside of your car as you get from our line of paint protection film for the outside. When your vehicle is tinted by the experts at AutoTrendz Ottawa's autocare specialists, it is automatically covered by XPEL's window tinting warranty.

Reduce Glare, Heat & Harmful UV Rays

Neutral Charcoal Colour Won't Fade or Turn Purple

Won't Interfere with GPS or Radio Signals

Window Tinting PACKAGES
Ottawa FormulaOne High Performance Auto Car Truck Tint by LLumar
Xpel Prime CS XR Automotive Winodw Film

Window Film Tint Care Instructions


Do not roll down your windows for three to five days after installation, and during this time period, feed your vehicle with lots of sunshine for the best curing results - which may take several weeks to be completed. Haziness, small water pockets and distortion are a normal part of the curing process and should not be touched.


Clean your window film with a mild soap and water solution using a very soft, clean cloth or soft paper towel. Never use brushes or cleaners containing abrasives or ammonia.