Car Truck - Remote Starter and Alarm Systems

Why Buy an iDataSTART Alarm?
At AutoTrendz Ottawa's autocare specialists - we believe your vehicle is an exceptionally valuable investment. iDataSTART alarms and remote starts have multiple features to help protect your investment while keeping it simple.

Go The Distance
With up to 3,000 feet of operating range, iDataStart HC remote start systems offer reliable control whether from your driveway or a short drive away. With pre-packaged configurations and flexible 1-way or 2-way remote upgrade options, iDataStart has the right system for every need.

Keep it simple
For those who prefer to travel light, iDataStart HC also enables short-range remote start from most factory key fob remotes. Simply press the Lock button 3 times and voilà!

10,000 keys included
While traditional remote starters require third party interface modules sold separately to bypass the vehicle's factory immobilizer system, iDataStart HC features built-in immobilizer bypass and databus integration technology. This means no extra module or key is required for over 10,000 vehicles from 1989 and up.

Click it, don't clip it
iDataStart HC provides a wide range of optional 'factory fit' installation harnesses offering seamless integration in select vehicles without splicing or soldering wires. Ideal for any leased or owned vehicles still under warranty.

Total peace of mind
iDataStart HC systems are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty so you can rest assured that your system will continue to perform up to its standards, 24/7/365.

iDataSTART Remote starter alarm HCX000A

The iDataStart HCX is the ultimate remote start solution designed to maximize the use of the original key fob, transmitter or smart key.

iDataSTART Remote starter alarm HC1151A

The iDataStart HC1 offers reliable long-range control up to 3,000 feet! Whether from the driveway or blocks away, iDataStart HC1 has you covered when it counts.

iDataSTART Remote starter alarm HC2352AC

The iDataStart HC2352AC is the ultimate solution for maximum control, range and responsiveness.

Compustar Alarms and Remote Starters
CompuStar alarms and remote starts have multiple features to help protect your investment. Also offering a GPS tracking system (Computrack) that takes vehicle protection to another level as a stand alone or upgrade to your CompuStar alarm.

Visit Compustar website to view their remote starter and alarm selection and upgrades.

Ottawa CompuStar Pro Remote Starter Alarm System

Drone Systems

GPS Track and Start Your Vehicle from the Convenience of Your Smartphone

DroneMobile - is an iPhone application for vehicle GPS, security and remote start. DroneMobile is compatible with all vehicles - cars and trucks.

With DroneMobile there is no need to carry an additional transmitter for remote start or locking and unlocking your vehicle; use your iPhone instead. In addition to basic vehicle control, the app offers expanded control over sliding doors, heated seats, vehicle security, and much, much more.

Ever wanted to locate or track your vehicle? Simply click the Map icon within the DroneMobile app for your vehicles current location displayed on a map. Along with your vehicle's location, you can view any available vehicle status information, such as your vehicle's battery voltage, temperature, alarm status, speed and more.

Would it be nice to know if your factory or aftermarket alarm went off? View the latest notifications by clicking the Alerts icon for details, such as zone triggered, vehicle name and time of alert.

Drone Kits

• Iphone/Blackberry/Android Phone
• Remote start, lock, unlock or track your vehicle anywhere there is web or cellular coverage
• Multi-vehicle control
• Limited Life Time Warranty
• One year free service

Ottawa Car Truck DroneMobile Kits - Iphone/Blackberry/Android Phone

Ottawa DroneMobile - iPhone application for Car Truck GPS, security and remote start.